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50 best movie moustaches

50 best movie moustaches

50 best movie moustaches

Men are easily divided into two distinct categories: those who can grow moustaches and those who can't.

For those who can't, life is a bleak endurance test, full of envy, anger and frustration. For those who can, life boasts endless possibilities and endless image changes. No prizes for guessing which type of man finds it easier to evade police capture.

To celebrate the wonder of facial hair, we've assembled a list of moustache heroes from film.

(Images: Rex Features, All Star)

Aaron Ruell

Napoleon Dynamite

Al Pacino


Ben Stiller


Billy Crudup

Almost Famous

Billy Dee Williams

The Empire Strikes Back

Bob Hoskins

Super Mario Brothers

Bruno Ganz


Burt Reynolds

The Cannonball Run

Carl Weathers

Action Jackson

Charles Bronson

Death Wish

Charlie Chaplin

The Kid

Christopher Lee

The Face Of Fu Manchu

Clark Gable

Gone With The Wind

Colin Farrell

Miami Vice

Daniel Day Lewis

Gangs Of New York

Daniel Day Lewis

There Will Be Blood

Danny Glover

Lethal Weapon

Danny Trejo


Dennis Hopper

Easy Rider

Donald Sutherland

The First Great Train Robbery

Dustin Hoffman


Errol Flynn

The Adventures Of Robin Hood

Gene Wilder

Young Frankenstein

George Clooney

O Brother, Where Art Thou

Groucho Marx

Duck Soup

Harry Shearer

This Is Spinal Tap

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Hulk Hogan

Mr. Nanny

Jack Black

Nacho Libre

John Travolta

The Taking Of Pelham 1,2,3

Jon Gries

Napoleon Dynamite

Josh Brolin

No Country For Old Men

Kurt Russell


Matt Dillon

There's Something About Mary

Mel Brooks


Michael Biehn

The Abyss

Nicolas Cage

Raising Arizona

Paddy Considine

Hot Fuzz

Peter Sellers

The Return Of The Pink Panther

Richard Griffiths

Withnail & I

Richard Pryor

Brewster's Millions

Robert Redford

Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

Samuel L Jackson

Pulp Fiction

Sacha Baron Cohen


Sam Elliott

The Big Lebowski

Sean Connery


Terry Thomas

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad World

Tom Hardy


Tom Selleck

Three Men And A Baby

Wilford Brimley


Will Ferrell