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5 ways to trick your brain into having fun at work (that won’t get you fired)

Beat the 3pm slump

5 ways to trick your brain into having fun at work (that won’t get you fired)
15 August 2018

Work is great for some things. Making money. Progressing your career. Becoming a mover. Possibly even a shaker. 

But TBH, it doesn’t have the reputation of being a proponent of fun times. After-work drinks, maybe. During meetings, not so much.

Even if you’ve miraculously landed your dream job, chances are you’ll still suffer the 3pm slump. It’s a universal evil that none of us are immune to. 

Those moments of brain-numbing boredom where you consider, well, literally anything other than what you’re supposed to be doing. 

But fear not: we have ammo for your arsenal against the mundane. Here are five quick and easy ways to perk up your afternoon. Who knows? Maybe they can trick your brain into thinking you’re having a good time.

Go on Desk Safari

Gentlemen, it’s time to go wild.  

Not literally. That would be a disciplinary offence.

We’re talking about the wonderful world of Desk Safari.

Google a pic of a wild boar, baboon, prawn or whatever animal takes your fancy, full-screen it while cutting off the head and then position one of your colleagues strategically behind so it looks like they’ve got the body of a goat BUT THE HEAD OF A HUMAN.

It’s surprisingly fun – especially if the person in the photo isn’t in on it.

Up your snacking game

By 3pm, lunch feels a long time ago. Though it was made for dwindling your will power, it’s also a time that was practically made for snacking.

So, stock up on food that will give you enough energy to propel you through the rest of the day.

Bananas and apples will give you a boost of vitamin C and antioxidants and a handful of walnuts will help you stay full (they’re packed with omega-3, iron, selenium and vitamin E).

Or if you want something more fun to snack on that’ll make work feel more like a ‘party’, popcorn is always a crowd-pleaser.

Wash it down with a Volvic Touch of Fruit to refresh your afternoon, get a fruity hit of flavour and take 10 to watch some nonsense on YouTube. You could almost be somewhere else (if you forget the sitting-at-your-desk part). 

Watch some Bearcam

If you need some escapism, and multiple trips to the kitchen just aren’t cutting it, look no further than BearCam

This live stream of brown bears frolicking and catching salmon in the river in Katmai National Park in Alaska is surprisingly compelling. 

Full screen for 10 minutes of brain massage and then keep it in a tab so you can occasionally check back in to see how the cute but also terrifying bears (we all remember how Grizzly Man ended) are getting on.

Play a round of Photoshop Tennis

If you’ve got a few minutes to spare and you’re feeling creative, treat yourself to a game of Photoshop Tennis.

Pick a meme, a weird pic off the internet or a celeb shot (best not use any photos of your colleagues if you want to avoid a letter from HR), then find a willing competitor who also has Photoshop on their computer. Then let the battle of silly editing commence.

Pick a theme and take turns to make funny additions and see how far you can take it. You never know, you might create a masterpiece.

If your computers don’t have any fancy editing software, go old school (or back to school). Grab some paper from the printer and play a good old-fashioned game of Consequences instead. 

Shoot some hoops      

If you can’t get outside to do some actual sport (or you just can’t be bothered), try the next best thing – bin basketball.

Place the recycling bin in the middle of the office (it doesn’t need to have a hoop above it, but that makes it better). Now scrunch up all that paper you’ve been meaning to chuck, channel your inner Michael Jordan and shoot some hoops.

Not only will this one help clear your desk; you’ll also get an endorphin hit when you score. Win-win. 

Pick up a refreshing bottle of Volvic Touch of Fruit at your local store today and follow Volvic on Facebook and Instagram. #WellThatsRefreshing