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5 amazing reasons the OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G should be your next phone

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5 amazing reasons the OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G should be your next phone
15 March 2022

The OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G is here and this phone is the ultimate blend of blistering specs and affordability.

The superb successor to the popular OnePlus Nord CE, the OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G is an affordable package that’s the perfect entry point for those new to the brand - and one that’s both Community approved and backed by OnePlus’ quality.

The OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G offers A Little More Than You’d Expect and, given it’s packing some impressive battery tech and other innovations you usually find on higher-priced phones, this device certainly snubs mediocre mid-range specs for something far more inspirational.

Want to know more? Of course you do. Here’s 5 things to know about the OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G and why it is the ultimate mid-range killer.

5 amazing reasons the OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G should be your next phone

1. Superfast battery charging is part of the package

One thing we all worry about when purchasing a new phone is battery life. OnePlus knows this and that’s why it always makes sure its phones are more-than equipped in this area. Take the OnePlus Nord CE 2. Not only does it have a massive battery (4,500mAh, fact fans) but it also has something called 65W SuperVOOC charging on board. This is a game changer. If you charge the OnePlus Nord CE 2 for just 15 minutes, you get a day’s power out of the thing. Perfect for those who may have forgotten to put their phone on charge and have a limited time to get out of the door.

2. The OnePlus Nord CE 2’s OS is something special

Using the OxygenOS operating system on the OnePlus Nord CE 2 is a breath of fresh air (see what we did there?). It’s the same operating system you know and love, but OxygenOS 11 comes with a flurry of new features. These included some fantastic one-handed use features, Dark mode, an improved always-on display and a boatload of customisation options that make this phone feel like it was truly made just for you. At the same time, it’s built from the ground-up to be blazing fast, so you’ll never have to wait for anything.

5 amazing reasons the OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G should be your next phone

3. Triple cameras, triple the imaging fun

Despite its affordable price, the OnePlus Nord CE 2 doesn’t scrimp on the cameras it offers - far from it. You get three to use and each one has been given its own superpower.

The main 64MP snapper comes with a whole host of AI smarts, while the 8MP Ultra-wide offers you much more scope for your landscape photos. Then there’s the 2MP Macro lens that allows you to get up-close and personal with your shots.

Couple these with features such as AI Scene Enhancement, AI Highlight Video, Dual-view Video, HDR and Nightscape and there’s no need to spend hours editing: just point and shoot and you’re done. Your ‘Gram followers won’t know what hit them.

4. The Nord CE 2’s a mighty mid-range

Chip-wise, the OnePlus Nord CE 2 is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 900 chipset, which is why the phone can take advantage of all-new fancy AI features and has speedy 5G capabilities – on two SIM-cards.

This is backed by a whopping 8GB of RAM and 128GB storage. If you need more storage, don’t fret – it’s got room for up to 1TB of expandable storage. Oh, and the phone also possesses that all-important 3.5mm headphone jack - great for those who are still fans of wired earphones.

5 amazing reasons the OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G should be your next phone

5. This phone is the ultimate head turner

When it comes to its display, the OnePlus CE 2 5G boasts a beautiful 6.43 inch, 90Hz screen that’s ideal for both gaming and movie watching. This is complemented by a slimline chassis (just 7.8mm thick) that’s perfect in the hand or pocket, and two fantastic colours to choose from: Gray Mirror and Bahamas Blue.

The OnePlus CE 2 5G is available now for just £299. Head to OnePlus' official site for more information.