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40 original movie titles

What films were almost called

40 original movie titles

Naming your movie is even harder than naming your child. No, stick with us on this one.

Your movie is going to live for longer (even if it's awful), it will come into contact with a wider cross-section of critical people and an entire marketing campaign will exist, based on that name.

So it's therefore understandable that a title may go through a number of different options, especially considering the amount of people involved. Here's a look at an alternate universe where films all go by very different names...

Back to the Future

...was almost known as:Spaceman from Pluto

Year: 1985

Annie Hall

...was almost known as:Anhedonia

Year: 1977

Final Destination

...was almost known as:Flight 180

Year: 2000

Last Action Hero

...was almost known as:Extremely Violent

Year: 1993


...was almost known as:Route 66

Year: 2006

The Breakfast Club

...was almost known as:The Lunch Bunch

Year: 1985


...was almost known as:Tonight, He Comes

Year: 2008

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

...was almost known as:Head Cheese

Year: 1974


...was almost known as:Oh No She Didn't

Year: 2009


...was almost known as:Fear and Trembling

Year: 1958

Pulp Fiction

...was almost known as:Black Mask

Year: 1994

2001: A Space Odyssey

...was almost known as:How The Solar Space Was Won

Year: 1968

Field Of Dreams

...was almost known as: Shoeless Joe

Year: 1989


...was almost known as:The Cut Whore Killings

Year: 1992

Saturday Night Fever

...was almost known as:The Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night

Year: 1977

Boys Don't Cry

...was almost known as:Take It Like A Man

Year: 1999


...was almost known as:Everybody Come To Rick's

Year: 1942

Snakes On A Plane

...was almost known as:Pacific Air Flight 121

Year: 2006


...was almost known as:Scary Movie

Year: 1996

American Pie

...was almost known as:East Great Falls High

Year: 1999


...was almost known as:Wiseguy

Year: 1990

Child's Play

...was almost known as:Batteries Not Included

Year: 1988

The Last Exorcism

...was almost known as:Cotton

Year: 2010


...was almost known as:Star Beast

Year: 1979

The Other Guys

...was almost known as:The B-Team

Year: 2010


...was almost known as: Night Skies

Year: 1982

Robin Hood

...was almost known as:Nottingham

Year: 2010

Licence To Kill

...was almost known as:Licence Revoked

Year: 1989

American Wedding

...was almost known as:American Pie 3: Piece Of Pie

Year: 2003


...was almost known as:Truth, Justice and the American Way

Year: 2006

Fatal Attraction

...was almost known as:Affairs Of The Heart

Year: 1987

The Ring

...was almost known as:Static

Year: 2002


...was almost known as:When I Grow Up

Year: 1988

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

...was almost known as:Watch The Skies

Year: 1977

Stand By Me

...was almost known as:The Body

Year: 1986

Basic Instinct

...was almost known as:Love Hurts

Year: 1992

Shutter Island

...was almost known as:Ashecliffe

Year: 2010

Letters From Iwo Jima

...was almost known as:Red Sun, Black Sand

Year: 2006


...was almost known as:Hunter

Year: 1987

Some Like It Hot

...was almost known as:Not Tonight Josephine

Year: 1959