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20 Of The Coolest Pieces Of Luxury Tech (You'll Never Buy)

20 Of The Coolest Pieces Of Luxury Tech (You'll Never Buy)

20 Of The Coolest Pieces Of Luxury Tech (You'll Never Buy)
21 September 2015

Forget your iPhone 6S. Hide your 13mm-thick laptop. In the world of luxury technology, these metallic baubles only highlight your mainstream mediocrity.

From panic rooms to water generators, 8K TVs to personal 'wellness' pods - you won't be finding any of these gadgets in the next Argos catalogue. We've called on the expert tech knowledge of Paul Armstrong, owner of the HERE/FORTH future technology consultancy to take us through 20 of the most luxurious gadgets and lifestyle perks money can buy.

Best hide your wallet - it's only going to get upset.

Sharp LV-85001 8K TV


You’ve only just heard about, and been told you need, everything 4K before Sharp decide to roll out an 8K TV (also known as FUHD  or Full Ultra HD).

8K refers to the resolution and means you get a crystal clear - almost 3D depth - resolution across 84 inches (7680 pixels x 4320 lines). In short, it’s an expensive TV that will look great once 8K content becomes the norm... in say two years or so.  

Devonworks Star Wars Watch and Tie-fighter Cufflinks


With only 500 of these puppies being made, the Star Wars Watch and Tie-fighter Cufflink set is a nerd rich nerd’s wet dream. 

Powered by a hybrid-electrical mechanical power source and having more than 350 pieces this watch is a bit more than simply complex, it’s like having Prius technology on your wrist.  Our favourite element has to be the “revolutionary time belts” (yeah, you read that right) that enable the wristglancer to tell the time… moving belts.

eleMMent palazzo Superior by Marchi Mobile

$3.1 million

Calling the $3.1million eleMMent palazzo Superior a motorhome feels like calling London ‘a nice little city’ - it’s right but it’s also very wrong.  

Fitted with a Sky Lounge for outside viewing, this palace on wheels is no simple joy ride - coming in at 28 tonnes and 12 metres long, you need the 600 horsepower engine to drag Versailles on wheels around.


Aster by Vertu


Handmade in London, Vertu aren’t shy of price tags... or superfluous features. 

The Aster runs on Android and will set you back around a staggering £4,200 but does come with Dolby Digital Plus virtual surround sound (for better atmospheric effects), “a world of exclusive lifestyle experiences” and a specialist concierge who should be able to sort help you with any buyer's remorse.

Crossfade Wireless by V-Moda


Worn by famed DJs the world over, V-Moda win as many awards for their inners as they do for looking good on the outside.  

Avici and company say they enjoy the bass technology, comfortable cans and head band - we're sure it's got nothing to do with the fact you can customise the exterior shield with whatever you want (setting you back £40,000 each time).



If you’re rich enough to have eight watches that require constant winding, then the 8-piece Watch Winder by WOLF is a must have.  

After all, who has the time to wind watches these days? Made from Ebony Macassar wood and a black pebble faux leather, this set should suit most mansions/castles/any building large enough to be divided into 'wings'.

EcoloBlue10000 Water Generator Station


A must-have on any millionaires (or disaster stricken regions) Christmas list, the EB10000 can make water straight out of the air (we’re not joking) - about 400,000 litres per day actually.  

Perfect for the island getaway, this portable solution can be stacked and is a snip at just over $343,000.  [Note: We totally understand this is mainly for those in dire need - please do not send us letters, it's just amazing tech]

MiG-29 Flight by Incredible Adventures


Renting is the new owning it seems, and the rich kids aren’t any different - after all, where do you put a MiG-29 to show off the dual-seat interior? Next to the Bentley or the fifth Rolls?  

For 25-55 minute trip you need only drop $18-26k and hop over to Russia - or just buy it for $4.7m if you want to keep it for longer.



Hand us back our tongues: this beautiful, 4K, up to 84” touchscreen can be used with 3D glasses and has already been used to help you part with your cash at designer storefronts and airports.  

If you want the full 84”, prices at start at $50,000,  but considering it's waterproof and transparent we’ll take it. In January. Because it ships then.

Phantom 3 Professional Everything You Need Kit by DJI


We’ve always said, “if you’re going to do something amazing, or amazingly stupid, just make sure you take a drone... for the insurance”. 

This bit of kit will do just that in 4K, with a mobile app remote control and no less than three-axis stabilising gimbals (the same tech cameramen use to get the steadicam effect after a night out). Around £2,000, the Everything Kit backpack comes with everything you’d expect… but in a rather ugly backpack.

Omni Apple Watch by Brikk


No-one really expected anyone to up the price of the already exorbitant Apple Watch but Brikk hasn’t been known to shy away from bejazzling the hell out of the latest Ives and Jobs creation.  

Available in three editions (Standard, Deluxe and Omni) each watch will be encrusted with both metal and diamonds, while the top of the line edition (Omni) will be 12 carat of hand polished diamonds.

You’ll get change from $70,000.  Five bucks to be exact.

Panic Room by Luxury Safes


We agree with Jodie Foster on a lot of things - a Panic Room being one of them (she's got a great taste in dogs too).  

Made to your exact specifications, you too can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing safety is but twelve bolts away. For the fire or bullet-conscious amongst us, fear not, they have those eventualities as options too.  

Prices for top of the line can run to £90,000.

Ultimate III by Magico


Taller than the average man (158cm) the Ultimate III is a design you won’t soon forget and a sound you’ve never "felt".  

$229,000 gets you multiple horn loaded tweeters and speakers, 15” Woofers and 4,000 watt amplifier meaning you’ll have no problem with the neighbours because they’ll be dead from the volume this sculpture can pump out.

AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® Pro 200 by AlterG


Even rich people have to work out. At least that’s what we tell people, right?  

The beautiful people at AlterG have got you covered with their AlterGanti-gravity treadmill range from $35 -70,000 each. Originally designed for NASA to combat zero g’s, these puppies are seen in the gyms of Kobe Bryant, New York Jets and Manchester United to namedrop just a few folks who run a fair whack.  



Sometimes the jet just isn’t ready when you want to go to Vegas - it’s happened to the best of us.

For those times there’s Skyjet - a personal private air travel app you can book a $50,000 flight via Apple Pay (an industry first). It's like Uber for the skies. No more sharing arms rests and plastic glasses - fly like Jay-z flies... anywhere the f*ck he wants.  


Limited Edition Lunar Camera by Hasselblad


Drones, schmones... sometimes you need to take that shot yourself and with Hasselblad’s 24 megapixel camera.

 Full HD video with a 18-55mm lens, parting with $10,000 doesn’t seem so steep... especially when it looks like you are holding Iron Man.

F1 Standing Desk by Stirworks


How could we leave of the ‘“Tesla of Desks”?  

Sure there are newer, cheaper models but when your back is at stake, money is no object.  

Stirworks has created a 58.5” x 29.5” x 3.5” slab of gorgeousness that rises and falls (that’s "moves up and down" to you and us) and would like to charge you just over $4,000 for the privilege. Sleek lines and some great touchscreen integrations put this on the ‘we’ll take five’ list.

Schiller S1 by Schiller


Made from marine grade alloys and stainless steel, the Schiller S1 bike-boat (bioat?) weighs in at just over 40kgs and costs a mere $4,500.  

Easily transported and erected, the crisp look won’t get you stared at for the wrong reasons as you pootle along at 7mph. Just watch those tan lines.


Blade by Divergent Micro Factories


With an entirely 3D printed chassis, the “Blade” is not just a stunningly beautiful machine, it is ahead of many competitors in terms of design and functionality because of its light weight and manufacturing procedure.  

The 700 HP, 4-cylinder turbocharged internal combustion engine means it’s faster than the McLaren P1 supercar and can be fuelled by compressed natural gas or gasoline. Pricing to be set in the near future.

CocoOne by Delfin Wellness


Austrians know how to do warm, and with moveable dual internal heaters the CocoOne pod demonstrates their commitment to comfort at all times.

Colour-changing light capabilities via your smartphone make this $45,000 pod of joy, (read: sex room), your home away from home.