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16 Alternative Jaws posters

Duh-duh duh-duh duh-duh

16 Alternative Jaws posters

It's usually a pretty wise idea to leave extremely perfect things well alone. It's why we tend to stand at least 500 feet away from Victoria's Secret models.

The Jaws poster stands as one of the most ingeniously designed pieces of movie marketing of all time. It exploits our fear of the sea and the potential threat that lies beneath us when we swim. On a baser level it also implies there'll be female nudity in the film and a big angry shark.

However, consider our loyalty well and truly tested. Those damn design geniuses have gone to town on the original and come up with some wall-worthy responses.

We have 16 of the greatest right here:

(Images: Trevor A. Dunt, Christopher Conner, Chris Lyons, Viktor Hertz, Sarah Gail Hutcherson, Cine_philia, Beatific Design, Tony Hardy, Chungkong, David Shaw and Tom Whalen)