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These are the 13 most ‘right-swiped’ people on Tinder in the UK

There's a rumour it's not all based on looks

These are the 13 most ‘right-swiped’ people on Tinder in the UK
05 January 2017

You do pretty well on Tinder. A match a day, bit of awks flirting, maybe a date or two a month. 

This lot rack up over 100 matches a day between them, making them the top handful of the millions of users in the UK. 

Cosmopolitan teamed up with Tinder’s in-house sociologist, Dr Jessica Carbino, who studies people and behaviour on the dating app, to get her top tips and find out more about the most successful singletons’ (or not) profiles.

According to Dr Carbino:

"Individuals that do well on Tinder are not necessarily the most attractive people in the room. The one thing I tell people to include in their profile, is information that will start a conversation."

You got hit by a bus? Get it in your bio and someone is bound to want to know whether it actually happened or you just look like it did.

Apparently, you're also 14% more likely to get a match if you flash your pearly whites.

"You're signalling that you're kind, warm and approachable," says Dr Carbino.

Eyes are also important, so while your holiday pics are a winner, make sure you haven’t got your shades on in every shot.

"Seeing the iris gives us clues as to whether people can be trusted," adds Dr Carbino

According to research, 66 per cent of users have matched with someone and never messaged them. The best way to avoid that painful “Hey, how’s it going” conversation starter is to ask questions: "Individuals who ask a question are pretty successful, because they're providing an easy way to start talking."

These guys do it best. This is the cream of the crop, featuring a recruiter, gaming company director and yeah, a model:

Time on Tinder: 18 months

Matches a day: 15

Number of first dates: 10

Embarrassing admission: A girl once fell asleep in his car on the way to their date, then stole his iPhone when he said he just wanted to go home. 

Possible secret to success: Stephen was 'surprised' to discover he was one of the most right-swiped men and suggested the key to success is being 'genuine.'

Time on Tinder: 2 years

Matches a day: 6

Number of first dates: 10

Embarrassing admission: Girls often flirt with Rich by telling him he looks like Gerard Butler. It works. Every time.  

Possible secret to success: I mean, he’s a singer that looks like Gerard Butler...

Time on Tinder: 2 years (after coming out of a long-term relationship)

Matches a day: 5

Number of first dates: 13

Embarrassing admission: The best opening line Jade ever got was, 'Do you like dragons?' 

Possible secret to success: She says having a mix of photos is important - including ones with friends, her pets and selfies. She also has a motivational quote from her favourite book, The Secret.

Time on Tinder: 6 months

Matches a day: 5

Number of first dates: 15

Embarrassing admission: His biggest turn-off is girls who request a certain height in their bios. Even though he's 6ft4in.

Possible secret to success: We don’t know, maybe his height?

Time on Tinder: 3 years

Matches a day: 15

Number of first dates: 3

Embarrassing admission: He always opens conversations by sending a GIF of a guy sweating to insinuate that the girl is hot.  

Possible secret to success: Not afraid to permanently cry.

Time on Tinder: 1 year, 6 months

Matches a day: 6

Number of first dates: 4

Embarrassing admission: Cressida says she was once wooed by a partner purely through the medium of sheep facts.

Possible secret to success: 'I think quite hard about the photos I put up. They say you judge someone within the first seven seconds of seeing them.'

Time on Tinder: 3 years, 7 months

Matches a day: 4

Number of first dates: 18

Embarrassing admission: One of Ryan's matches had a Fifty Shades of Grey fetish (Ryan's surname is Gray, which was close enough for her). She pulled out a box of toys and asked him to act out some scenes.

Possible secret to success: Instantly sees matches with Apple Watch.

Time on Tinder: 2 years

Matches a day: 20

Number of first dates: 5

Embarrassing admission: Stefan once took a Tinder date out for dinner while on a boys' holiday in Marbella.

Possible secret to success: Being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

Time on Tinder: 8 months

Matches a day: 10

Number of first dates: 1 

Embarrassing admission: Holly's bio is her Instagram name and a dolphin emoji. She thinks the dolphin speaks for itself.

Possible secret to success: “I think it's my hair that makes me stand out. But I also select my photos really carefully. I like to include ones of me on holiday as I want people to think I have a fun life.”

Time on Tinder: 2 years

Matches a day: 1

Number of first dates: 8

Embarrassing admission: He once took a date to a vegan sushi-making class, followed by an open-top bus tour.  

Possible secret to success: Loui believes he is popular on the app because he is 'approachable' and doesn't pose in his pictures. He noticed a spike in interest when he added the fact he’s a vegan to his bio. 

Time on Tinder: 1 year, 2 months

Matches a day: 10

Number of first dates: 5 

Embarrassing admission: A date once slapped Tom after he said, 'I've got you all figured out.' He enjoyed it and continued seeing her for a couple of months. 

Possible secret to success: Female contour jealousy. 

Time on Tinder: 1 year, 6 months

Matches a day: 6

Number of first dates: 3

Embarrassing admission: He once swiped left on a girl because her headphones were tangled in her photo. 

Possible secret to success: Clearly followed the no-shades-holiday-pic rule.  

Time on Tinder: 4 years

Matches a day: 5

Number of first dates: 6

Embarrassing admission: Jay got stood up by a girl at Winter Wonderland. He waited for two hours before deciding to ride the Ferris wheel alone.

Possible secret to success: Eyes bluer than your January mood.