11 Eton schoolboys just went to meet Vladimir Putin and had massive bantz

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Tom Fordy

As if trying to reinforce the notion of Etonian rich privilege, 11 students from the elite school swanned into the Kremlin last week for a meeting with Vladimir Putin – a man so hard to track down that even Teresa May and Boris Johnson haven’t even managed to blag 10 minutes with him – and from the look of their Facebook pictures, they went just for the mad bantz.

Putin, who apparently now answers to “Bant-am of the Opera”, is notoriously difficult to get an audience with – world leaders and business officials have to schedule months ahead, and are regularly left waiting around for the tardy Russian president.

No one knows what actually took place in the two hour meeting, or how the troupe of poshingtons managed to approach Putin in the first place – rumour has it Russian priest Father Tikhon Shevkunov set it up after a visit to Eton last year, though you’d be forgiven for thinking Daddy has Vlads in his contacts. One thing’s for sure: the boys were certainly enjoyed a jape-tastic selfie once Vladimir was out of the room.

David Wei, one of the Eton pupils present at the meeting wrote on Facebook that it was result of thousands of emails, text messages, and countless sleepless nights and signed off with, “Guys, we truly gave Putin a deep impression of us and he responded by showing us his human face.”

Meanwhile, his hilariously named schoolmate Trenton Bricken wrote that Putin was “small in person but not in presence”.

They were also interviewed in a Moscow restaurant for English-language channel Russia Today. No word on whether they served the lads' favourite champers.

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