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10 things to do over Easter weekend that don't involve eggs

There are 96 hours to fill, people

10 things to do over Easter weekend that don't involve eggs

How many times has it happened - you're patiently waiting for Easter, those blessed four days off work that have so much potential, but when it finally comes around your plans amount to sitting on the sofa grazing your way through more Easter eggs than you can possibly produce insulin for? Don't do it this year. We've rounded up 10 of the coolest events happening across the UK over the long weekend that aren't just about bunnies or hunting for chocolate eggs. Enjoy.

Regression Sessions 4th Birthday

If all the talk of the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunts have got you wistfully remembering your childhood, you can relive it at this clubnight, which will be celebrating its fourth birthday in much the same way we all marked ours - with a ball pond, Space Hoppers and the best electronic music brought to you by its resident DJs and booze. OK, our parents wouldn't let us have the last two.

24 Mar at Fire & Lightbox, 6A S Lambeth Pl, London SW8; from £15;


Rave Of Thrones

In Game Of Thrones, Hodor is mainly known for saying his own name and his carrying skills. On this special club night, where you can enjoy the novelty of being able to go out on a Sunday night, he's displaying a new forte - deck spinning. Kristian Nairn - Hodor's real person name - will be joined by Finn Jones, AKA Ser Loras Tyrell, for tunes and pyrotechnics in a venue which will be transformed into Littlefinger's Brothel, The Icy North and other recognisable landmarks from the show.

27 Mar at The Bankside Vaults, No 1 Invicta Plaza, London, SE1; £20;

8o8 Presents 8in8

Combining two great things, whisky and music, 8o8 whisky has teamed up with some of the coolest venues in the UK for a series of parties over the next few weeks. Two of these are taking place over the Easter weekend - Liverpool's party is with Circus, and sees Yousef and special guests take to the decks. If you're in Leeds, it's your chance to party with Maya Jane Coles, Joris Voorn, Paul Woolford and Denney. 

26 Mar at Constellations, 37 Greenland St, Liverpool, L1 and 27 Mar at Canal Mills, Brandon St, Leeds, LS12; prices vary;

[Image: Steve Stills]

Play it! Manchester

Limber up your thumbs in preparation to potentially play on more than 180 games and consoles at this event, which has nostalgic classics such as Pong, Pacman and Minecraft, right up to some newer offerings. Running in association with the European Gaming League, it's a great window into how gaming has progressed over the last 30 years - and as it's taking place in a museum it's not geeky, it's cultural.

25 Mar-17 Apr at Museum Of Science + Industry, Liverpool Rd, Manchester, M3 £12;

Taste Chocolate

OK, OK we know we said these are things to do that don't involve eggs, and there'll be a shedload at this event - but there's so much more! There'll be a prosecco and craft ale bar, live music, a cookery theatre, amazing street food and more chocolatiers than a night out with Willy Wonka, all selling brownies, truffles and anything else chocolate-related that you can think of - yes, including eggs, but you ignore those.

26-27 Mar at Waterfront Square, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1, £3;

Here Comes The Sun

British summertime is here, which also means it's official cider season - something being fully embraced by the folks at The Cider Box. Your ticket will get you four halves of the beverage - featured producers include Pilton Cider, Wilkins, Marshwood Vale Cider, Beard & Saber, Hecks Cider and more - plus you'll get a plate of food and complimentary cheese. What's not to like?

26 Mar at Queen Of Hoxton, 1 Curtain Rd, EC2; £15;

Homerton International Festival Of Beer And Bar Snacks

Tickets are free to reserve your place at this saliva-inducing festival of beer and bar snacks. The former comes courtesy of The Five Points Brewing Company, Kernel Brewery, Lagunitas, Pressure Drop Brewery and Cloudwater Brewery, to name but a few. The food will include British classics such as scotch eggs and pork scratchings from The Cornwall Project, Thai treats from Smoking Goat, jerky from Billy Franks and much more.

[Image: Instagram @threecrownsn16]

24-28 Mar at The Adam & Eve, 155 Homerton High St, E9; £2 glass deposit;

So Fresh So Clean with Raekwon

You might recognise him from Wu-Tang Clan - or you might not - regardless, chances are you'll know the tunes Raekwon will be playing from early Nineties classic album 36 Chambers. He'll be joined by Harry Love, Daniel Hills and The Menendez Brothers, as well as So Fresh So Clean residents - so there's plenty to keep your ears occupied.

27 Mar at KOKO, 1a Camden High St, NW1; from £15;

Insane Championship Wrestling

Nothing says 'resurrection of Christ' like a collection of sweaty men - and women - beating each other up, many while wearing strange oversized pants. High levels of entertainment are guaranteed when you have wrestlers that go by the name of Mikey Whiplash, Rampage Brown and, er, Kid Fite, to look forward to. The tour continues around the UK after Easter, but we've pulled out all the details you need for the weekend ahead.

25 Mar at Brooklyn Bowl, The O2, Peninsula Square, London SE10; 26 Mar at TramShed, Clare Rd, Cardiff CF11; 27 Mar at O2 Academy Bournemouth, 570 Christchurch Rd, Boscombe BH1; prices vary; 

Enjoy Yourself presents: The Official Calm 10 Year Anniversary Charity Fundraiser

Donating your time to a good cause is always a good idea, especially when the likes of Eddy Temple Morris, Majestic, Endor, Nixwax and Shut The Front Door are along for the party. That's what's happening for this fundraiser for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), which promises to go on until 5am and will receive all profits. 

26 Mar at The Brewhouse, 369 Helmsley Pl, London E8; £10;