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10 totally embarrassing CGI moments in huge movies

"Meh, that'll do"

10 totally embarrassing CGI moments in huge movies

When you look at the most celebrated movies of this year’s Oscars, from The Revenant, to Mad Max, to The Martian, you start to realise just how integral CGI is to our favourite blockbusters. 

Modern special effects artists continue to blur the line between reality and fiction, and outpace our imagination at every stretch. Chances are, deep down, Joseph Gordon Levitt still thinks he’s Bruce Willis - that’s how good we’ve become.

But it hasn’t always been this way. Not so long ago, around the mid-noughties, big budget movies were consistently let down by hilariously lacklustre CGI that ripped us right out of the moment and reminded us that we'd just spent a week's wages on popcorn and a Coke.

Even movies that were showered in CGI award gongs have not fared well with the test of time. That’s why WhatCulture decided to countdown the 10 worst special effects moments in blockbuster history…