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10 sweets you will want to deep fry immediately

10 sweets you will want to deep fry immediately

Deep fried food.

A sentence that will probably add a few pounds to your belly just by having read it. And despite the artery-clogging associations of this delicious cooking technique, people can’t seem to get enough of it. 

So with word reaching us that a Welsh restaurant has started deep frying Wagon Wheels, we thought it about time to show you why Mars Bars aren't the only sugary treats which benefit from being dunked into a hot vat.

Hit the gallery below. Just try not to drool all over your screen.

[Images: Flickr Creative Commons: Ruffles&Truffles, Willrad von Doomenstein; Jolts, Instagram: Goodfoodtoronto; razzledazzle67]

Cadbury's Creme Eggs

Yes, the world's unhealthiest egg just got slightly unhealthier. See how to make this divine creation here.

Wagon wheels

Trust us. They're wheel-y good.

Chocolate chip cookie dough

Looks a bit like if Mario went postal and tore the face of a Goomba. Tastes delicious though.

Coca Cola

Now this is the real thing. And by 'real' we obviously mean 'really bad for your digestive system'.


Let's be honest, it was corrupt in the first place. It doesn't even taste of cheese!

Pop Tart

A blast from the past, if you happen to have any of these 'once big in the '90s' snacks, jazz them up like so. The breakfast of champions.


See, tubby policemen out of Hollywood films? You've been doing it wrong this whole time.


You'd be a fool not to, frankly.

Hot dogs

What's that? Hot dogs aren't sweet? Just pile on the toppings and they are ruddy are now.


Don't worry about the copious amounts of sugar - the potassium will balance it out.