8 Trains That Are Sad That There's A Strike On


Everyone in London is busy feeling sorry for themselves as the tube strike kicks in.

"Oh woe is me", they cry, as for one day they have to - shock, horror - walk, cycle or force themselves onto an overcrowded bus in order to make it into work.

But few people spare a thought for those unsung heroes who day in, day out, haul our sorry bodies in and out of the big smoke; yes, the trains themselves.

They love nothing more than being greased up and driven around, and today they're just sat there, doing nothing.

Trains can be sad too. And here are 10 of the saddest.

Put some coal in me you bastards, I'm ready to go

Why the hell are we on here?

Why can't I go outside from my brick prison and play with the other trains?

I thought this would all stop when Bob Crow died

If I concentrate really hard maybe they'll call off the strike

You try having a square face, then you'll have something to complain about

The strike has turned me into a cocaine addict.

Why can't I be a DLR train?

I'm not even a train and I'm stuck here until Friday.

(Images: Britt Allcroft Company/Faces In Things)


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