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These are the 4 must-watch Netflix movies in June

Chris Hemsworth returns in June for another slice of Netflix Originals action.

These are the 4 must-watch Netflix movies in June
Andrew Williams
05 June 2023

One of the best ways to avoid pointless Netflix scrolling is to keep track of what's coming to the service before it even arrives.

No crystal ball required — we've rifled through all the TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in June to pick out the bits we think many of you will want to catch up with.

The biggest news, by far, is Extraction 2 is coming out this month. Its predecessor is one of the most successful Netflix Original movies to date, an action romp perfect for an evening when you want to be able to simply switch off and just let the action unfold on screen. We're hoping for more of the same with Extraction 2.

Not keen? We have three other completely different selections below, each from a distinct genre.

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Extraction 2

The biggest Netflix Original movie of the month is Extraction 2, the sequel to the 2020 original. This movie may not have picked up any of the big awards, but was at the time its most popular Netflix original movie ever, with upwards of 99 million viewers in its first month. Chris Hemsworth returns for the sequel, as does director Sam Hargrove and writer Joe Russo. Extraction 2 is due out on Netflix on 16 June.

Release date: 16 June

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King

This Japanese manga adaptation is due out on Netflix on June 16. It will be the first movie of the Black Clover manga series, which began back in 2015. Asta lives in a world ruled by magic, and he wants to become the Wizard King. But he himself was born without any magical ability. This one won’t be for everyone, but we like to provide a little something for all kinds at Shortlist.

Release date: 16 June

Take Care of Maya

This harrowing documentary recounts the story of parents who take their 10-year-old to hospital with severe stomach pains. But they are then accused of abusing young Maya, a prospect that should strike fear into the heart of any parent. We’re going to save the rest of the story for the documentary itself, due on Netflix on 19 June.

Release date: 19 June

Living (US only)

Bill Nighy stars in this adaptation of a Tolstoy novel by venerable author Kazoo Ishiguro. After a long career of drudgery, and receiving a diagnosis of a terminal illness, Nighy’s Williams decides he wants to truly live, perhaps for the first time. It’s a premise that could end in schmaltz, but this one lapped up loads of 4-star and 5-star reviews at its release in 2022. Unfortunately, this one is for the US audiences only for now.

Release Date: 5 June