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The 10k Calorie Burger Within A Burger


A man's recommended calorie intake is 2,500 a day. At 10,000 calories, Corinne Clarkson's Ultimate burger flies aggressively in the face of dietitians on wings of meaty death.

Based on the 'Ulti-meatum' of the Cartoon Network's The Regular Show, Clarkson's creation is something of the Russian Doll of burgers: at the centre of the Ultimate is a regular cheese burger concealed inside a burger patty. Two additional cheese burgers sandwich this hidden cargo in an unwieldy stack of grease and heart failure.

If you fancy taking on the Ultimate, it's available at Clarkson's Mister Eaters chippy of Preston for £20. Anyone who finishes the Ultimate in one sitting won't have to pay. Chances are it'll be their last meal anyway.

(Image: Cavendish Press)


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