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French Cyclists Can Now Legally Jump Red Lights (Which May Not Be As Bonkers As It Sounds)


The French are famed for their liberal attitudes, whether it be smoking, lovemaking or anything in between.

Now it appears that cycling safely can be added to that list, after the passing of an odd new law which allows Parisian cyclists to run red lights.

The new law will see the implementation of a second set of traffic lights for cyclists, which will sometimes show green when the lights for cars are still red.

Preliminary tests have dubiously shown that the move should not cause any more accidents, and should in fact reduce congestion.

The plan will allow cyclists to run right or go straight ahead at lights, and is expected to reduce accidents caused by competition with heavy vehicles at traffic lights.

The measure will be tested in Bourdeaux, Strasbourg and Nantes before being rolled out across France. If successful, it is expected to encourage more French people to ditch their cars for cycling.

Paris hopes to be one of Europe's 'capitals of cycling' by 2020, with officials expressing their desire for 15% of journeys in the capital to be made by bike.

Calls are already being made for England to adopt a similar plan, although no announcement has yet been made. So don't go speeding over any intersections come Monday morning.