Exploding Tea Towel Epidemic Strikes Again


You thought they were just a harmless washing-up accessory but it now seems that the humble tea towel is responsible for a spate of fire-starting incidents in Brighton.

Billie's Cafe in Hampton Place was hit by a blaze in its basement yesterday, with the owners confirming that the fire had started with tea towels. This follows two similar incidents in October last year, where spontaneously combusting laundry led to a fire in the restaurant Terre a Terre and also at Brighton College - both required firefighters to be called, with the former closing the site for over three months.

It is believed that residual fats and chemicals left on the towels can cause them to ignite when dried - so wash regularly, and dry carefully, or your pyromaniacal tea towel could wreak havoc again.

(Image: Shutterstock)

[via The Argus]


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