Chinese cops seize chicken feet that expired 46 years ago


You might live dangerously once in a while and cautiously sip your tea that you've knowingly made with milk that should have been used up two days previously.

But in China - as usual - things have gotten out of hand. Police have seized chicken feet from an illegal food storage unit that expired 46 years ago.

According to The South China Morning Post the meat was being prepared for sale to the food industry by a gang who smuggled it over the Vietnamese border.

Some 20 tonnes of meat was found, including beef tripe and cartilage. The chicken feet - a delicacy in China - was dated 1967 but was processed with bleach and other chemicals to add weight and improve its colouring.

The crims managed to turn 1kg of old chicken feet into 1.5kg of seemingly fresh chicken feet.

"The entire processing facilty had a fishy and foul smell," Li Jianmin, from the local Public Security Bureau said. "You just couldn't stand it after one or two minutes."

The raid took place in Nanning, capital of the Guangxi autonomous region. Worth remembering.

H/T Digital Spy


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