This footage of a go-kart leading US police on freeway chase is real life Mario meets GTA


Ever wondered what the respective worlds of Mario kart and Grand Theft Auto would look like if ever amalgamated in real life, coming together in a frantic explosion of cute stars and blood soaked dollar bills? Silly question – of course you have.

Well lucky you. Captured by Twitter user Tonka_Boy_Dre, who stood slacken jawed with other onlookers, this incredible footage sees a go-kart enthusiast leading police on a semi high speed chase on Interstate 880 in Oakland, California.

Originally riding as a larger collective of go-karts and dirt bikes, authorities in the unmarked car tailing behind would have been glad to know this lone speedster wasn’t armed with any red shells as he headed towards the Golden State Warriors’ Oracle Arena.

Poor guy was probably just looking for whichever arena was hosting this year’s Mushroom Cup.