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The Crème Egg Scotch Egg is a legitimate thing now, so apologise to your arteries


You thought they’d gone just about everywhere there is to go with Crème Eggs, didn’t you, you naïve fool?

When word got around that someone had invented a Crème Egg pizza, you marvelled at its calorific genius and thought, “I’d love to take approximately three – definitely no more than four – bites of that, but the restaurant selling it is in Manchester and while I am open to spontaneous and difficult-to-justify road trips I do occasionally have to draw the line,” didn’t you?

Then, just last month we told you that supermarkets were selling an Oreo/Crème Egg mashup and you shook your head with disbelief. The innovation never ends.

Well we have only four words for you: Crème Egg Scotch Eggs.

Luckily, there’s no crossover in ingredients; creamy milk chocolate and chewy sausage meat just aren’t meant to be together. For this heavenly riff on the classic picnic snack, you wrap a Crème Egg in moist chocolate sponge, before rolling it in molten chocolate and chocolate sprinkles. Then you eat it and make another one.

It sounds pretty straight-forward, but head over to The Daily Record for a full recipe. Whack a tray of these out on Easter Sunday and you’re in credit for the rest of 2017.

(Main image credit: filps14/Instagram)