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McVitie's have launched a new range of caramel biscuits

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Carl Anka

McVitie’s have decided to treat us with some brand new additions to their caramel digestive biscuit range, aka their best biscuit range. 

As a treat for surviving yet another election, the biscuit makers are gifting us a new ‘Banoffee Caramel’ and ‘Coffee Caramel’ flavours, giving us a loving boujee spin on our tried and tested faves.

In an especially formal and to the post press release, McVitie’s Market Director Kerry Ownes said. “We’re excited to launch two brand new and distinct flavours to our Digestives Caramel range to provide our consumers with more choice under a brand they know and love.” 

Both biscuits will be selling at £1.50 per packet (inflation is so cruel) and are available in all good shops now.

Someone stick a brew on, would you?


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Carl Anka

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