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What to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner when you’re hungover

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Tom Victor
Here’s what to eat and drink when you’re hungover, according to science

It’s Christmas party season, which for some of us means day after day of drinking and little room for recovery.

A lot of the time, the gap between finishing drinking and starting up again can be pretty short, so it’s worth doing everything you can to make the hours (hour, singular?) in between as manageable as possible.

This will probably lead to you cramming as many bacon sandwiches, pizza slices and energy drinks down your gullet as possible, giving yourself some respite in the short-term which will sadly give way to regret not long after.

Once that happens, you’ll wish you’d found a way of tricking your body into just generally being better, or alternatively you might just wish you hadn’t drunk so much.

Business Insider have helped you out in this regard, speaking to nutritionist Geeta Sidhu-Robb of Nosh Detox to find out what you should be eating and drinking for each of your meals to feel better – or at least to feel slightly less bad. It’s not travelling back in time and passing on that round of jägerbombs, but it’s the next best thing.


This is you, this is

Breakfast – Mushroom omelette, or poached eggs and mushrooms on toast

The key here is energy, with both eggs and mushrooms containing nutrients that will energise you throughout the day. Probably best to leave cheese out of the omelette, though, and that’s not just because you’re too hungover to properly grate the stuff.

“Eating cheese or other dairy products as a snack while drinking or after drinking could potentially cause indigestion, heartburn, and worsen hangovers,” Sidhu-Robb explains.

So, yeah, you probably don’t want to munch on a block of cheddar when you wander back from the work do at 4am either. Look, we don’t want to judge, but we have no idea what you get up to when you’re drunk.

Oh, and you should wash it down with tomato juice to help settle your stomach. I guess you could have a Bloody Mary, but maybe give yourself a bit of recovery time, eh.


This’ll sort you out

Lunch – Sushi and miso soup

Not pizza. Not a bacon roll. Obviously not a grilled cheese sandwich (see above for why). Sushi has the healthy fats you need, according to the nutritionist.

The salt in fast food might be tempting you like a devil on your shoulder, but you can get that from miso soup without all the unhealthy fats and carbs of your other options.

To drink, coconut water is the best bet to help your sodium levels. Don’t like coconut water? Well you shouldn’t have had that seventh pint last night, should you?


The hangover-friendly lunch - sushi

Dinner – Burger with sweet potato fries

Right, all set for another healthy opti… wait, what? A burger? You sure?

Apparently so. Sidhu-Robb tells Business Insider that lean protein and red meat found in a burger will give you the iron you need while making you feel full. The sweet potato fries should be baked, though, so you’re not getting away with a cheat meal entirely.

Of course, you could get lean red meat from a steak if you’d prefer, but there’s something intangible about biting into a delicious burger. And besides, if you’re back out for party number two that night you’ll probably want something you can eat messily with your hands.

No sugary drinks, though. You’ll want to be drinking water with the burger – and, if we’re being honest, you’ll want to be drinking water throughout the day. Or green smoothies. Or ginger tea with honey. Basically slow-release or low-additive stuff, rather than energy drinks or hair of the dog.


Dinner’s looking good

Don’t blame us when you ignore all of this advice and end up with a three-day hangover.

Didn’t think those were a thing? Oh how naive you were.

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