Bryan Cranston getting people to adopt adorable orphan puppies is obviously important viewing

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Matt Tate

The 45th President of the United States is quite happy to deal in alternative facts, so why should Bryan Cranston worry about slightly tweaking the backstory of a preposterously cute puppy? 

Stephen Colbert welcomed the Breaking Bad star to The Late Show this week, and it wasn’t long before his persuasive skills were put to the test. 

In a similar segment on a previous show Colbert managed to re-home six rescue puppies – all thanks to some exceptional lies – so giving it another shot with a Hollywood A-lister was a no-brainer.

And was Bryan Cranston ever going to struggle with flogging a few pups on the telly? Was he heck. Whether it’s Sterling the Shepherd/Terrier mix (and reformed party animal), or Norwegian wishing dog Poppy, previously owned by Broadway superstar Lin-Manuel Miranda, don’t you know – you are almost definitely going to want to jump on the next plane to New York and demand the adoption paperwork for all of them. 


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