The world's most popular BBC character has been revealed

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We can’t all be charismatic sociopaths, but it turns out we all love watching one. 

A BBC Worldwide Showcase poll asked people across seven countries (including Australia, India, Japan, Mexico and the US) who their favourite BBC character is and Sherlock Holmes came out on top, above strong contenders Doctor Who (and the Daleks) and Luther

Impressively, the Stig came in the top five – no mean feat given that he’s faceless and doesn’t talk. 

Sherlock won by 12 per cent more than Doctor Who, which Benedict Cumberbatch felt “honoured” by.

Credit: BBC Worldwide

He added:

"Who would have thought a high-functioning sociopath could be so popular... all over the world?”

Sherlock also took the crown in a poll for most iconic BBC TV scenes, for his ‘death’ fall, ahead of Monty Python’s classic dead parrot sketch and – of course – David Brent’s dancing scene in The Office.

Credit: BBC Worldwide

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[Images: Todd Antony, BBC]


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