Man posts list of 'Star Wars' films in the order they were released - and the replies are gold

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Harvey Day

This is some classic internet outrage

Star Wars fans are, famously, some of the most devoted in the world. They have incredibly strong opinions on who their favourite characters are, on who would win in a fight between Chewbacca and Jabba the Hutt and, of course, which is the best film in the Star Wars canon.

All Star Wars stans will be able to tell you their favourite movie – and they’ll probably be happy to put them in order of descending greatness for you.

That’s why one man’s list of Star Wars films, that he posted on Twitter, is causing such hilarious turmoil in the online superfan community.

Comedian Scott Aukerman, host of the podcast Comedy Bang! Bang!, shared his list of SW films… but simply ranked them in the order they were released, from A New Hope in 1977 up to Solo in 2018. An simple gag, but a solid joke nonetheless. 

But of course Twitter, being a cess-pool of unnuanced, blinkered outrage, obviously didn’t get the joke – and the replies are absolute comedy gold:

Some people did however cotton on to Aukerman’s gag – and swiftly took to trolling the Twitterers who didn’t:

In the end, Last Jedi director Rian Johnson settled the debate once and for all, saying: “I rarely weigh in on these things but hard to argue with this.”

(Image: Star Wars / Disney / LucasFilm)