Tennis’ Top 5 Grunters & Their Decibel Equivalents

We're nearing the end of Wimbledon 2015 and - alongside Nick Kyrgios' bizarre behaviour, Nadal's shock exit to the awesome Dustin Brown, Djokovic's cruise to the final and Heather Watson's near-miss against Serena - all the talk has been back on a familiar topic: grunting.

Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka have both been criticised for the level of their on-court noisemaking and, while not everyone goes so far as to call it cheating, a lot of pundits and players alike are unhappy with the advantage that it could give those who employ it. More than anything, it's just INCREDIBLY annoying for the spectators.

And, just to show that there actually is some justification in moaning about this, here's the top five grunters of all-time, complete with a noisy equivalent. And - just in case, for some reason, you actually want to hear an example, check out the video below.

(Images: Rex/Shutterstock)

  • Tennis' Top 5 Grunters & Their Decibel Equivalents

    5. Serena Williams / Vacuum Cleaner


    Her sister Venus packs an impressive punch, with 85 decibels measured, but Serena trumps her, being as loud as a vacuum cleaner. She certainly sucks the life out of all of her opponents.

  • Tennis' Top 5 Grunters & Their Decibel Equivalents 1

    4. Monica Seles / A Power Lawnmower


    Monica Seles was arguably the first one to bring in the grunt, so she's basically to blame. She was as loud as a lawnmower - we're not being a grass, that's just the truth.

  • Tennis' Top 5 Grunters & Their Decibel Equivalents 2

    3. Maria Sharapova / A Motorbike


    The Russian powerhouse's grunts are as loud as a motorbike. And frankly we're tyred of it.

  • Tennis' Top 5 Grunters & Their Decibel Equivalents 3

    2. Victoria Azarenka / Handheld Drill


    Playing the former Belarusian world number one is like standing next to a hand-held drill. Basically, you're screwed.


  • Tennis' Top 5 Grunters & Their Decibel Equivalents 4

    1. Michelle Larcher de Brito / A Lion


    The Portuguese star makes a noise as loud as a lion roaring. No, we're not lion lying.