Messi and Ronaldo’s ratings on FIFA 17 are getting gamers riled

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Tristan Cross

The question of who's better: Leo Messi of Cristiano Ronaldo? is one of the great debates of our time (along with the Mac vs the PC and Robbie Williams vs Gary Barlow.) It's dominated discussion in schoolrooms and in pubs, managing to span the entirety of social media in the process.

If you can find a YouTube video, no matter how niche and unrelated, that hasn't got two Ronaldo and Messi megafans going hammer and tong in the comments below, ring up your ISP because your internet is broken. But there has never been a definitive answer, because the two have always been inseparably good. That was, until FIFA 17 weighed in...

Now you might think, "93 out of 100 is a pretty damn good score." And you'd be right. You might even think "why, with that score, Lionel Messi must be one of the best players in the game!" And you'd be right, again. You might finally stand up from your seat, point a finger in the air and proclaim "Lionel Messi, with his 93 out of 100 score on FIFA 17, must be the best player in the game!" Wrong...

Damn, FIFA 17, damn. This is the equivalent of Mary Berry turning to the Bake Off cameras and declaring anyone who likes cheesecake to be a total buffoon, because sponge is far superior. That sound you hear is the collective fury of every Messi fan on the planet heading to their preferred social media platform to vent. You might hear this especially loudly because you yourself are a Messi fan and haven't noticed that your fingers are involuntarily mashing keys in righteous anger. You might have even typed and posted any one of these responses below without realising:

The conspiracy theories have already started...

As has the counter-backlash...

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