Ludacris has ridiculous fake abs in his new video

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Dave Fawbert

In a world of turmoil, it’s comforting to see that some things don’t change.

Ludacris has revealed the first track from his forthcoming ninth (ninth!) album in the form of ‘Vitamin D’, which features Ty Dolla $ign and a ridiculously CGI six-pack. He also doesn’t seem to have any nipples. Look at them. It’s very weird.

Needless to say, this did not go unnoticed by the eagle-eyed, erm, eyes of the internet:

Before the man himself revealed that they were, indeed – and count us surprised for one – fake:

The fake abs are clearly part of the whole setup of the video, which features Luda, Ty and some women – we assume they’re doctors – dabbling in plastic surgery.

Oh, and that thing about things not changing? Yeah, the ‘Vitamin D’ does not refer to the popular vitamin, commonly obtained via sunlight, but more to the D of ‘The D’, while the video has the comforting feel of a mid-’90s hip-hop video, featuring bootylicious babes a-plenty.

While Kendrick goes for religious iconography, Ludacris keeps it horny. Good lad.

Oh, and while we’re here – this is still a massive tune isn’t it?


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