Foo Fighters released a surprise new single and it's the best thing they've done in years

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Dave Fawbert

Foo Fighters: they’re basically unarguably great aren’t they?

Whether you’re a superfan or a casual observer, you cannot deny that they’ve done some absolute megatunes, that Dave Grohl can sing his arse off and that they’re an unfailingly excellent live band – something we’ll all be reminded of when they headline Glastonbury in a few weeks’ time.

However, we wouldn’t blame you if you’d nodded off during the last few years’ output from the band, with 2014’s Sonic Highways being a bit of a sprawling mess and subsequent EPs Songs from the Laundry Room and Saint Cecilia having the feel of ‘filler’ releases.

But now we urge you to recalibrate the devil horns and give six whole minutes of your life to watching this surprise brand new track, ‘Run’, which is, basically really, really, really good.

The video is equally great, directed by Mr Grohl himself and sees the band dress up as old(er) men and run amok in an old people’s home before things get decidedly ‘Thriller’-esque at the end.

Well done the Foo Fighters.


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