The highlight of last night's Brit Awards was definitely Bradley Walsh becoming best mates with Stormzy

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Matt Tate

Your dad has made friends with Stormzy, and by your dad we of course mean Bradley Walsh.

Bradley Walsh was a guest at last night’s glitzy Brit Awards off the back of having the best-selling album by a UK artist in 2016. The Chase host released a compilation of swing covers that left even Zayn Malik’s debut in the dust, so he was more than entitled to be soaking up his first time at the ceremony.

A few seconds into NME’s red carpet interview with the nation’s unlikely superstar, Stormzy wanders past. Grime’s new poster boy is clearly another member of the Walsh fan club, pronouncing the 56-year-old a ‘top man’ as he shakes his hand.

And then Walsh turned into everyone’s Dad.

Clearly star-struck, he points at him and says: “That’s my mate Stormzy. Me and Stormzy, you know, we hang out together. We do a bit of grime. Is it grime?”

He was then pushed on whether a collaboration with the Croydon-born MC could be on the cards. “Yeah, me and Stormzy, we’re going to do an album,” Walsh explained. “We’re going to do an album of Nelson Riddle arrangements…in grime form. It’s going to be called ‘Griddle’.

Rule nothing out in this day and age.

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