July has been the all-time best month for news bloopers


As far as news bloopers go - nay, as far as anything, ever, goes - there is little better than than the BBC News Anchor Simon McCoy mistaking a packet of paper for an iPad.

What a sentence. What a day. What a time to be alive. 

But it turns out 2016 is finally good for something, as this July seems to have set a premium for news bloopers everywhere. 


Like poor Louise Lear

Louise Lear usually talks about the weather on the BBC in an exacting, professional manner. Not for the report of 3 August though. That wet front moving over Scotland just really tickled her. 

And here are even bloody more

From photobombing Pickachus to an invasion of giant bugs, News Be Funny Videos have come up with their best compilation yet. You're not alone Lear.