Brilliant website tells you which films you definitely shouldn’t watch with your parents

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Joe Ellison

It’s every son or daughter’s worst nightmare: a previously harmless film comes on the telly and before you know it there’s some awkward sex scene and you’re hiding behind your hands wishing a fuse would blow. Somewhere. Anywhere.

Uncomfortable moments such as these might now be a thing of the past thanks to the Cringe Movie Database (, a website which allows users to input various films and get an instant yay or nay on whether it should be watched in the company of parents.

To test how reliable it was, we ran a smattering of 2015’s top 25 grossing films through its system and while mostly spot-on, a few of the results are debatable.

Easily offended by brief nudity featuring ‘bald male buttocks’ (we dread to think how ‘hairy male buttocks’ would go down)? Then don’t watch Matt Damon’s The Martian. Worried James Bond’s rampant womanising in Spectre will make your dad hot under the collar? Don’t be – for while it does have ‘sensuality’, 007's antics are deemed parent-friendly here.

See how the rest of last year’s hit films fared below.

  • Brilliant website tells you which films you definitely shouldn't watch with your parents

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Wait, isn't that wookie naked for the whole film? We demand a recount.