The Rock and Kevin Hart roasting each other with playground insults is hilarious viewing

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Tom Victor

You’ve had a tough week, haven’t you?

Life has been exhausting, and you just need something to help you kick back.

You need the sort of faces in front of you that will cheer you up whatever happens.

Faces like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart, the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle stars who have redefined the concept of on-screen chemistry.

Watch The Rock and Kevin Hart hilariously insult each other 1

Large and little: The Rock and Kevin Hart

The pair took part in a ‘Playground Insults’ segment on BBC Radio One, during which they were effectively given free rein to let loose at each other.

Considering they’re good friends, and appear together in Central Intelligence as well as Jumanji, it’s no surprise that they were in their element.

Do you want to hear Hart tell the former wrestler he has a ‘nipple head’? Of course you do.

Interested in Johnson forcing Hart to dig himself into a hole over one of his more confusing insults? You bet.

The Jumanji reboot, released this month, also stars Karen Gillan and Jack Black, and you can catch up on the first trailer here.

Johnson plays archaeologist Dr Smolder Bravestone – yeah, I know – while Hart’s character is zoologist Moose Finbar (again… yeah).

Johnson and Hart, good friends in real life, bounce off each other well on-screen – but do you have what it takes to become best pals with The Rock?

(Images: YouTube/BBC/Rex Features)