The first trailer for the Magnificent Seven remake rides in


Like true love, rock and roll and the Eighties revival, the Western will never die. The latest big-budget visit to the old West arrives later in the year in the shape of The Magnificent Seven, a remake of the 1960 Steve McQueen-starring classic.
Now, before you start getting all purist and complain about Hollywood’s paucity of ideas, remember that the ‘original’ was itself a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s The Seven Samurai, which pretty much invented the action movie back in 1954. 
But how is the material updated for 2016? Are the titular Seven found via hashtag?
"I did it with a lot of respect," director Antoine Fuqua said exclusively to "The script already had elements  that put a twist on both films, and I knew that I would put my own twist on that, but stay true to the DNA. You don’t want to make it what it's not just to be cool or different. We’re honouring that heritage, taking things in a very grounded, classical direction – we’re not throwing all this drone footage in just because we can. It’s a contemporary version of a classic story."
The Magnificent Seven is released September 23