This is what would happen if Ben Affleck's Batman had a fight with Ben Affleck's Superman


Ahead of the musclebound staring contest between Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in Batman V Superman, here comes Ben Affleck V – well – Ben Affleck. And holy smokes it's good.

God bless you Todd Spence. Splicing footage from Zack Snyder’s upcoming gloom fest - which will of course sees Affleck as the grizzled, cynical Frank Miller-type of Dark Knight - and Hollywoodland – the largely underrated and underseen 2006 film which saw Affleck star as real-life TV actor George Reeves, famous for playing that alien faster than a speeding bullet before tragically being killed by one himself – it's masterfully done.

Not to mention hilarious: Affleck's superman, or rather Reeves, was a booze hound, played with such camp charm that the noticeable difference in tone between both performances looks even dafter when overlaid with the crashing score of Hans Zimmer. We've come a long way with our superhero films.

And who knows, given Tom Hardy played the Kray twins in Legend, and Armie Hammer became the ‘Winklevi’ for The Social Network, if Warner Brothers do want to cut costs on the next film, we've already got a stand-in.