Someone finally won an award that didn’t upset Kanye West


Kanye has a somewhat complicated relationship with awards ceremonies.

Essentially, he loves them, except when he doesn't win, or when a person wins that he doesn't think should win. What he's saying is that they should cut out the middleman and just let him decide everything. It would make sense, seeing as he is the most important living artist.

Thankfully though, it seems that according to Kanye the Oscars got it right awarding Leonardo DiCaprio his long-awaited gong for Best Actor:

Wait - no angry tweeting declaring they got it wrong? No stage invasion to protest that Eddie Redmayne should have got it again?

It seems he's already decided who's going to win next year's Academy Award too:

Woe betide the Academy if Will Ferrell doesn't walk away with the statuette next year. Kanye's current good mood could rapidly turn sour.


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