Jean-Claude Van Damme's new TV show looks totally bizarre, but hilarious

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Gary Ogden
Amazon's new Jean-Claude Van Damme show looks hilariously good

I love Jean-Claude Van Damme. I’d say not a day goes by without me thinking, talking or writing about him in some way - and if I’m lucky enough, I’ll even be able to fit in one of his films, too. Unfortunately, I’ve seen all of them apart from about four, so its not often that I get to experience new Van Damme - it’s mostly just me watching Kickboxer for the 2,378th time.

But now, I’ll have a whole series full of new JCVD content, with Jean-Claude Van Johnson. Just last year, Amazon rolled out three pilots for potential shows, they were Jean Claude Van Johnson, The Tick (with Peter Serafinowicz) and I Love Dick (with Kevin Bacon). The deal was that whichever was the most popular would get a full season run. Turned out, they were all crowd-pleasers so they just went ahead and made all three.

I could take or leave the other two (didn’t even watch the pilots), but obviously I’m going to 100% take Jean-Claude Van Johnson, because not only does it star Jean Claude Van Damme, but the pilot was also very good. Funny, action-packed and also: flying kicks. If your TV show hasn’t got any flying kicks in it, then you can shove it up your whoopsie, you big idiot.

The show follows Van Damme, playing himself - the famous movie star - as he returns to his old job of an undercover operative named, yep, Jean-Claude Van Johnson. Presumably, he then travels about the world, doing spying and kicking (hopefully of the flying variety), whilst getting into other assorted ‘scrapes’.

Anyway, enough of my whittling on - here’s the first full trailer:

Good stuff, no? If you want to watch it, which you do, then it hits Amazon Prime on 15 December. You can come round mine and then afterwards we’ll play-fight but it’ll go wrong and I’ll end up with a chair leg up my arse or something, it’ll be a right laugh!

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