Brothers trick girl high on dentist drugs into thinking she’s in a real life zombie apocalypse


It’s your worst nightmare come true.

Like something straight out of 28 Days Later, you wake up after having your wisdom teeth removed only to discover that there’s a bona fide zombie outbreak spreading rapidly through the city.

Worse still: you’re off your face on a heady cocktail of anaesthetic and veterinary strength painkillers.

This is no movie, but the real life experience of a young lady called Millicent from Washington DC.

What Millicent doesn’t know is that the whole thing is an elaborate ruse concocted by her brothers, Cabot and Barrett. Even their mum is in on it, spreading panic into the heart of her poor, brain-fuddled daughter, with admittedly hilarious results.

Credit where it’s due: Millicent knows how to handle herself in a zombie apocalypse, at one point screaming, “we have guns, why are you putting garden equipment in the car?!”