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Adam Hills was already a successful stand-up comedian for 15 years before springing to wider consciousness as the host of the 2012 Paralympic round-up show The Last Leg, which was so successful it was commissioned for a further two series after its sporting debut. If this wasn't enough, Adam also received the honour of hosting a one-off revival show of the legendary quiz show Fifteen-To-One. We caught up with him ahead of his new DVD release to discover his guilty pleasures: food, film, TV, app and a whole lot of music...

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"There are a lot! I'm gonna say Bachelor Party - the early 80s film with Tom Hanks. The fact that it's about a bachelor party that's gotten out of hand...although having said that there is a redeeming feature in amongst it all, in that, even at his own bachelor party, Tom Hanks is unable to be unfaithful to his fiancée. It's probably not the best film ever made technically and filmically, so that's probably why it's my guilty pleasure! I think Tom Hank's attitude to his own bachelor party reflected mine later in life - my bachelor party was a game of golf, drinks and ribs at the Groucho Club - it certainly wasn't out of hand!"



"Part of me would say Adam & The Ants but I'll be honest, I don't feel guilty about that. There's a lot of dodgy stuff in my collection! I would say Huey Lewis & The News - Fore! the one with Power of Love on, which also had Hip to Be Square. To be honest I don't listen to it often enough - in fact I might bust it out this afternoon."

"Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke would probably be my guilty pleasure song at the moment. Musically it's a great pop song, it's ridiculously catchy and even if you're not actually listening to what's going on, there's so much production and bits and pieces going on in the background that really just drags you into the song. And then you watch it and go 'oh you just look like a sleazy old man!'. What's amazing for me about that song is that I recently found out that the director of the music video was a woman and that a lot of it was her vision, and she thought that it was gonna make both Robin Thicke and Pharrell look old and sleazy and stupid and that was exactly what they wanted!"


"I don't like watching the shows that I know I shouldn't be watching. So probably my guilty pleasure is watching the UK Top 40. I think, as a comic, I'm really afraid of losing touch with the kids - I'm afraid of being up on stage and, y'know start talking about music and like the whole audience say "Grandad, that was 20 years ago!" So I will make an effort to sit down and watch the UK top 40, so I know what people are talking about, what people are watching. But it does mean I have to sit through some dross....I've watched a lot of Gangnam Style!"



"Ribs. Barbecue baby back ribs....and the worst thing is where we write The Last Leg is in Soho is right near a restaurant called Bodean's and at least once a week I will go there for ribs for lunch. Often more than once a week. The most I've ever indulged? I'm pretty good now as I'm into my forties and I know that my body just can't handle that much cholesterol and fat and everything going into it, so I tend not to overeat 'cos I don't want to get sick of them - but I think probably my record would be three times in a week, I'm quite proud of that."



"It's so appalling that I've actually had to remove it from my phone because it was affecting me mentally...It's a game called Whale Trail and it's a whale that flies through the air swallowing bubbles, and it gets harder and harder as it goes along. And I was playing it to the point of...it was affecting my work, it was affecting my sleep - 'cos I was playing for like half an hour before going to bed and I'd close my eyes and all I could see were these bubbles in front of my eyes - and I literally had to remove it from my phone, because it was the only way I could stop myself obsessing about it. I haven't got into Candy Crush - I don't like things that everybody is doing. I refused to buy an Apple Mac even though everyone I knew had one and they said t was amazing, it took me ages for me to get an iPhone because I was sick of people telling me how great they were, and I know everyone's playing Candy Crush and for that reason I'm avoiding it. The one I've got now is a Tiger Woods Golf App as well - and I did sit backstage after my show last night for 45 minutes and play three rounds of golf!"



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