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This is the guy who'll be building the Apple Car

Apple may have just hired the biggest piece of the puzzle that is its electric car project.

Wall Street Journal first spotted the significant update of Doug Betts' LinkedIn profile page, noting that the former global head of operations at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles now lists "Operations - Apple Inc." as his main employer.  

This adds to speculation that Apple is hard at work building its own electric car - a rumour that reached new heights after Apple hoovered up employees and facilities at a battery-building facility in Cupertino. 

In addition to Betts and the battery builders, Apple has also taken on the skills of Paul Furgale, a respected autonomous vehicle researcher in Switzerland, to help navigate the tricky problem of "how devices stay localised in 3D spaces" - essentially, navigating complicated physical spaces without relying solely on a GPS system.

With Betts previous employers including Michelin, Toyota, Nissan and Chrysler, we've delved through some of the motoring models that auto-guru has overseen to speculate (wildly) on what he might bring to the Apple Car.

(Images: Wiki Commons)



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