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Here's How To Fix The Apple iOS 9 Problem


Earlier this week, Apple launched its new iOS 9 operating system.

It's a sleek, sexy new piece of software, with a lovely font and some great new features. The only problem is, it causes a not insignificant number of older iPhone, iPod and iPads to lock up. Permanently.

The most common issue (there are a few) sees users arrive at the screen which reads "Slide to Upgrade" - at which point the device ceases to do anything, neither upgrading nor turning off.

Apple has now come up with a solution to the problem... sort of. 


So here's what we recommend doing before downloading the new iOS 9:

  • Back up your iPhone/iPod/iPad to your computer
  • Download the new iOS 9 via a cable connection to your iTunes
  • Collect your loved ones and family together, and pray for your device
  • If it doesn't work, buy an Android phone. Maybe even a Windows model.

Or you could just wait four to eight weeks for iOS 9.1. 

Good luck.



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