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You now can (and should) buy an actual working banana phone


Are you having a bad week? Well not any more, because we are delighted to inform you, sir or lady, that you are lucky enough to be alive at the same time as a real, working banana phone.

That’s right, it’s a phone that is a banana. What more do you want from this world?

The device is a bluetooth-enabled handset that connects to your smartphone and is able to make and receive phone calls. And by using Siri or Google Assistant, you don’t even have to dial.

The team behind it are currently raising funds via Indiegogo and they’re already well over halfway to their target of $30,000. The basic banana pack costs just $40 and that includes a pack of stickers, so honestly we don’t know why you’re still reading and not buying.

This promotional video is also excellent.

If using a banana as a phone wasn’t already enticing enough, you’ll also be helping gorillas, as 1% of all profits will go towards Gearing Up For Gorillas, a nonprofit organisation that focuses on the conservation of rare mountain gorillas in the Virunga National Park.

If you needed any more convincing, here is a song about banana phones.

This is what your banana phone, that you have already ordered, is going to look like:

Banana phone

And who are the legends behind this invention?  Well, there’s Brian, who is described as a ‘major banana enthusiast’, Charlie, who is an ‘incredibly big fan of bananas’ and Max, who is a ‘gigantic supporter of all things bananas’.

Banana phone team

So their commitment to bananas is not in doubt.

Naturally, their pun game is also on point.

Banana phone comment

We’ll give you a bell on the old banana in September alright?

Lovely stuff.



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