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UFO spotters have discovered an 'alien skeleton' on Mars

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It does kind of look like an alien skeleton. We're telling you this because in five seconds you might become an actual conspiracy theorist so we're warning you, yeah, it does kind of look like an alien skeleton.

Alien-hunter Scott C. Waring, owner of UFO Sightings Daily, has posted a video of some mysterious bones on Mars, calling it "an extraordinary and unusual find that should change how we see Mars forever." 

The images, taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover, show an "ancient Martian skeleton" according to the video's creator, Paranomal Crucible.

"The relic has a large skull adorned with an ornate or decorative head piece, this could indicate that its the remains of a king, religious icon or perhaps a fallen warrior. This is undoubtedly the skeletal remains of an alien humanoid in my opinion," they wrote. 

Which is nice and all, but we're also talking about the people who saw some rocks shaped like a toilet seat and decided they were proof of alien life. (Which would be fine, but you just know that aliens totally use bidets.) 



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