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Trump said he'd work with Putin on cyber security and now everyone's making the same joke


In very Donald Trump fashion, when the President woke up on Sunday morning, rolling blearily over to the empty side of the bed Melania has not filled in six months, he thrust his stubby hand from under the covers and fumbled about for his phone.

Upon finding it (it’d fallen down the side of the bed and got stuck underneath his bedside table), he immediately fired up Twitter – it’s time for some Ill-Thought Out Presidential Tweeting, baby!

The subject of the morning tweetstorm was Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin on Friday – the pair met in the flesh for the first time since the election, and managed to accidentally recreate a scene from House of Cards with unsettling accuracy.

Trump says he pressed Putin on the matter of Russian hacking influencing the election and Putin “vehemently denied” it was the case. Trump has flip-flopped on the matter, denying it with similar force up until last month, when he admitted there had been Russian interference, but blamed Obama for it.

On 24 June, he tweeted: "Just out: The Obama Administration knew far in advance of November 8th about election meddling by Russia. Did nothing about it. WHY?"

Here are his tweets from Sunday morning, in which he discusses his meeting with Putin:

Yep, that’s President Trump there, saying he wants to set up a cyber security unit with the people that hacked their election. It is, by all accounts, like me hiring the man who’s just robbed my house to come in and fit the new locks.

A lot of people, including former presidential candidate Marco Rubio, had very similar thoughts.

And while some were raising serious points, most were just making jokes. Lots and lots of jokes.

Trump might be crap at every single aspect of being president that actually matters, but hey, you’ve got to give him one thing – at least he makes a really good butt for all our Twitter jokes.

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