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This Trump vs Trump 'debate' shows how ridiculous he really is

Much like Leicester City, Donald Trump is the frontrunner that everyone keeps thinking will fall away once everyone comes to their senses - and yet there he is, still top of the polls.

He's manipulated the media to such a degree that everything he does creates publicity for him, even when he chose to pull out of the final televised debate before the Iowa Caucuses - the first chance to see who Republicans will actually be backing to be their candidate for President - for the flimsiest of reasons, complaining about the choice of anchor in Megyn Kelly.

US TV host Stephen Colbert used this opportunity to host his very own Trump vs Trump debate (skip to 2:45 to get straight to the action), which hilariously illustrated just how much Donald says one thing then, when it suits him, says the exact opposite. A true politician then, rather than the straight-talking man of the people he claims to be.

And the most damning? In December 2011, he was asked by, er Fox News host Megyn Kelly if he'd be a better moderator than her and replied: "No, I could never beat you. That wouldn't even be close. There would be no contest. You have done a great job, by the way. I mean it."

Satirists will find it hard to trump this segment.



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