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This is what would happen if you didn’t sleep


Think the worst can happen after an all-nighter is a face like a White Walker?

Turns out the effects are considerably scarier.

A video from TED-Ed has set out to explain what happens to body and mind when you are sleep deprived and the effects range from hallucinations to strokes and all matter of things petrifying. 

The video begins by telling us about a boy who tortured himself in the name of science and stayed awake for 11 days straight in 1965. His vision blurred, he was unable to identify objects by touch, he lost his short term memory and started to see things.

Thankfully, unless you find yourself in Guantanamo Bay, it's highly unlikely that you'll ever stay awake for 11 days. And just so you know, all his bodily functions came back after he had a good night's kip.

But if you're one of those people who prides themselves on only needing five hours a night, you're firstly lying and secondly putting yourself at increased risk of stroke and dementia among other things. 

Not to sound like an NHS leaflet, but scientists have found if you sleep less than six hours a night, you're four and a half times more like to suffer a stroke than someone who gets the recommended eight hours. 

We don't usually need much convincing to spend more time in bed, but we'll be having a particularly early night tonight.



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