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The world's strangest burgers


If you're a regular visitor to the site, you'll know that our interest in burgers borders on obsessive, not to mention the fact we're currently on the hunt for the best in the UK. But, while we're adventurous with our tastes (we've even tried one with quince and chocolate BBQ sauce) we might not be brave enough to try any of these on the site Fat and Furious.

Designed by a couple of French graphic designers, Quentin and Thomas, these extraordinary culinary creations are apparently edible and include the James Bond (main image) and a Halloween burger, which calls for the rather troubling ingredient, raw human flesh (hopefully not). We'll probably pass on that one.

(Main picture: Quails eggs, Blackcurrants, crème fraiche, salad, octopus, unpeeled garlic, fish)

Pork from Arrou marinated in red wine, seasoned with mixed herbs, nutmeg, cloves and carrots in garlic, Oyster and Porcini mushrooms, caramelised red onions in honey and red wine, parsley and country bread.


Raw human flesh, beef heart, garlic, corn teeth marinated in holy water, Transylvanian capers, damned pickles, satanic Tabasco.


Steak, rolled lettuce leaves, smoked bacon, egg, chives.


Sirloin pork cooked in caramelised pineapple juice and spices, fresh pineapple with roasted pineapple wedges, melted cheddar, pickled vegetables, American sauce with ginger and Tabasco.


Wasabi cream cheese with green dye, cucumber, fresh mint and a patty of chicken marinated in lime and green dye.


Beef steak with pickles, green salad, classic yellow mustard, ketchup, sesame seeds, fried onions and cheddar.


Mushrooms, pear, cream cheese, coconut and sesame seeds.


Chicken marinated in yogurt, lemon and tandoori with pickles, lime and mango.




pumpkin burger.jpg

Burger King Japan launches a pumpkin burger


The bacon cheeseburger soup


ShortList's search for the UK's best burger



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