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TFL releases first official walking distance tube map


Working out whether or not it’s quicker to brave the London underground or simply walk between stations is largely trial by error.

In fact, such is the skewing of distances by TfL’s timeworn tube map, we're betting we're not the only ones to have found themselves descending into the bowels of Covent Garden Tube Station (AKA the journey to the centre of the Earth), only to travel one or two stops and regret it immediately.

Helpfully then, and not before time, here comes TfL’s first official ‘walk the tube’ map, pinpointing roughly how long it would take to stretch our legs across the same distance – and it’s eye-opening to say the least.

For example, a route as innocuous as Angel to Old Street, appearing as a small curve on the map, actually comes out to a 20 minute amble; Leicester Square to Covent Garden is only four minutes on foot and please, whatever you do, don’t set off from Baker Street to Finchley Road without transport – walking would take you 44 minutes.

So bookmark this while you can, and pass it on to the next tourist you see.

It could prevent their family from missing that booking at The Aberdeen Angus Steakhouse.

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