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Space Invaders land in Manchester

space invaders 3.jpg

If you remember 1999's high school alien horror The Faculty then you'll recall this key line: "If you were going to take over the world, would you blow up the White House Independence Day style, or sneak in through the back door?"

Which brings us to news of an invasion. Unlike every other movie you've seen, it's not taking place in New York or even London but it's up in Manchester.

Street artist Filthy Luker has created a giant Space Invaders installation at Manchester Town Hall, which comes to life at night, with the help of a button just in front. Well, it lights up and you can shoot the invaders. If it actually came to life, you'd have probably heard the screams by now.

It's sponsored by Red Stripe lager and will be up until the end of the month.

(Main image: Duncan Hull)



The Space Invader Chair

RJ.M.AU.IN.006.02_white background.jpg

The Space Invaders Watch


Street art with a twist



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