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Scientists have revealed what dinosaurs actually looked like and it's really confusing


Jurassic World 2 is about to get two thousand times less scary (or, if you're afraid of birds, way scarier).

Recent research has discovered what dinosaurs actually looked and sounded like - and the answer is basically pigeons.

Or at least, Pidgeots. 


The study, published in the journal Evolution, claims that dinosaurs didn't roar, and instead cooed and mumbled through closed mouths. It also lends support to the theory that the beasts were covered in feathers.


"To make any kind of sense of what non-avian dinosaurs sounded like, we need to understand how living birds vocalize," said co-author of the paper Professor Julia Clarke, from the Jackson School of Geosciences. 

"This makes for a very different Jurassic world. Not only were dinosaurs feathered, but they may have had bulging necks and made booming, closed-mouth sounds." Kind of like uncles.

Either way, nothing like Dino in The Flinstones. We want our money back.



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