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People think the Queen's outfit for her speech was a subtle dig at Theresa May's Brexit


The goat skin finally dried, and today Queen Elizabeth II finally delivered the Queen’s Speech, outlining the Government’s legislative agenda for the coming year.

The Tories have dropped a number of things from the Queen’s Speech that were in their manifesto – gone are plans to scrap free school lunches and re-legalise fox hunting, and Trump’s state visit to the UK was nowhere to be seen either.

Largely, it was a speech notable for it’s brevity. With the UK still technically in a hung parliament as the DUP and Conservative Party finalise details of their partnership, there was little to set in stone goat’s skin.

So with attentions elsewhere, political commentators soon began to take notice of the Queen's outfit.

Specifically, how Her Majesty appeared to look like the flag of the European Union.

Be it the shade of blue, or the choice of five flowers on her hat (The Queen's crown was delivered to Parliament in a separate vehicle on Wednesday), many began to wonder if the Queen's sartorial choice was a subtle Brexit dig. Perhaps Her Majesty was in favour of Remain?

Or was this a subtle dig at the Brexiteers, who'd asked her to deliver an interesting Queen's Speech, before suspending the next one until 2019?

Or maybe it was done in jest? The Queen is known for her apparent sense of humour, maybe she just liked the shade of blue and wanted to take us all for a ride.

Then again...

Soon the jokes started...

Before a certain special someone picked up on the message.

(That would be EU Parliament Brexit Coordinator Guy Verhofstadt. He's going to be kind of a big deal in the next few years.)

(Image: REX)



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